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Holly Doran, formerly of Vogue (yes, that Vogue) is a style maven mama who expects no less for her babe. But when Doran was expecting, she was frustrated by the lack of luxurious layette online. So, shortly after the arrival of her baby girl Finley, was also born. She gave Notes on a Party the insider dish on her absolute favorite gifts for a new mama, how to throw an incredibly cool baby shower and how she came up with that sassy name, Posh Squeaks.

What was the inspiration behind Posh Squeaks?
When I was pregnant with my daughter Finley, I spent hours searching retail websites that were focused on newborn items, crib linens and classic layette. There were some websites that focused only on newborn to 12 months, but the collections lacked focus and had brands I found to be cheap. On the other hand, the fabulous boutique-type layette designers, such as Pixie Lily and Gordonsbury, were really difficult to find.

Where did the name come from?
Honestly, I had quite a few other choices before Posh Squeaks, but many of them were already taken. I turned to for advice and asked my fellow moms to help me come up with the name. There were so many creative responses and one woman suggested Posh Squeaks. I loved it!

How did your experience at Vogue help you launch your site?
Believe it or not, there are lots of moms working at Vogue. When I decided to start Posh Squeaks, I sent an email around to the moms asking them not only which brands they liked, but why. I got an incredible response! Everyone was excited about sharing their favorites and even helped to find new lines.

What are some of your absolute favorite gifts for a new mom?
For the downtown mom, I love giving a 1-year membership to Appleseeds – Family Indoor Playground ($850). The Cashmere Hoodie by Amber Hagen ($150) is one of our best-sellers. And, a practical yet stylish gift is the Posh Squeaks “Year of Onesies” package ($70). Based on the mother’s due date and the gender of the child (even if unknown), we put together an assortment of Petit Bateau long sleeve, short sleeve and side snap onesies for newborns. You can never have enough, trust me!

As a professional event planner and a fashion conscious new mom, share some tips on hosting a stylish, original baby shower.
When hosting a baby shower, I try not to go overboard with the baby theme, but instead, host an elegant party with subtle and fun baby touches. Please – no baby bingo!

I like to choose mixed flowers from Raul Avila with tiny buds and bright cheerful colors. If you are on a budget, buy potted flowers instead of cut flowers and give them as gifts to guests. I hosted a shower for a friend last winter and gave guests a potted bulb with a little garden note: Plant root into the soil. Nurture with water, sunshine and love. Be patient. Your bulb will bloom!

Food and Drink:
It’s fun to do pint sized bites. I like to keep it light and small like mini burgers and mini grilled cheese sandwiches. Mary Giuliani Catering and Events makes a great “Momtini” garnished with a diaper pin filled with raspberries or blueberries.

Afternoon Tea:
Call in a professional tea hostess from Serendipitea in Manhasset to do a tea tasting in your home or arrange a party at a tea salon like Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon (56 Irving Place, 212-533-4600)

The Eco-baby Shower:

Serve an all organic menu and organic wine. A great giveaway is a reusable bag with 6 empty baby food jars and a small, make-your-own organic baby food recipe book.

Showered in White:
Many new moms like to keep the gender of the baby a surprise. To avoid a newborn wardrobe covered in yellow ducks, host an elegant, ALL WHITE baby shower.

Kelcey Kintner is the creator, writer and editor of the mama bird diaries, a smart, funny and always unpredictable take on motherhood.

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