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Well Sent

From gallery openings to birthday bashes to charity benefits, 24-hour party people are being invited to stylish events of all kinds via pingg. With its modern graphics, cutting edge delivery system and clean interface (devoid of annoying ads), pingg has quickly become the online invitation of choice for design conscious event planners and chic hosts all over the world.

While Emily Post may dictate that a handwritten printed invitation is de rigueur, Lazy Hostess says, “If it’s gorgeous and makes your life easier, go for it.” Not only is it a convenient and inexpensive (if not, free) alternative, but sending a digital invite is très eco-chic.

To begin, give your event a name and then choose an image from the pingg gallery (which includes artwork from renowned artists and photographers found in their Designer Series) or upload your own. Next add your event details and choose your delivery method via their proprietary software surroundSend™ which allows invitations to be sent via email and Facebook or, for a nominal charge, via SMS ($1.50 for 20 text messages) or print ($1.50 per card including postage).

For your flaky or forgetful friends (you know who you are), we suggest sending reminders the day of your party with date, time and address right to their mobiles. For unresponsive guests, we like sending personal messages to encourage (or coerce) them to attend. All events can be downloaded into iCal or Outlook and maps are provided for easy reference.

Extra perks include the ability to upload a video or photos to the event web page or to set up a charity gift registry with Changing The Present.

While the idea of sending a digital invitation or managing your RSVPs online isn’t new, using pingg is certainly an upgrade. And, as we’ve found with all of the finer things in life (first class, Louboutin heels and Apple iPods), once you experience the best, there’s no turning back.

Eco-Chic Entertaining is a special series for the month of April that is dedicated to the best green vendors, products and services.


  1. Elizabeth Holder
    3 April 5:18 pm

    Pingg is indeed fantastic! Glad to see the site and service getting props it deserves.

  2. 4 April 2:16 pm

    I’ve just designed a pingg invitation to send to my family and friends for Passover dinner and the entire process was so easy! With the creative part complete, pingg now does all the work and keeps me well informed! I love it!
    Love the fact that it’s eco friendly and will use it for every occasion.

  3. 9 April 8:23 pm

    Love Pingg. Finally a gorgeous, cool alternative to evite!

  4. Susan
    22 August 5:20 pm

    A few months ago I received a handwritten (email) invitation
    (a save the date) for a party which was really so tacky! I thought, what could I do to help? Since there was so much lead time leading up to this event, I sent the sender an invitation to view pingg’s website and suggested that they use pingg for all their party needs. They took my advice and redid the invitation! What a difference the new “save the date” and party invitation was! They have continued to thank me for the introduction to

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