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December 30, 2008 | Food + Drink, Tasty Tidbits

Tasty Tidbits | Champagne Wishes

“Champagne brings people together,” says Arnaud Devulder, the 29-year-old wine director of Lever House restaurant. To truly enjoy each Veuve Clicquot bubble on New Year’s Eve, make sure you choose the right stemware to accompany your champagne. While Devulder prefers crystal like Riedel’s Ouverture flute ($9.95) for vintage and high end champagnes, the glass Veuve flute ($12.95, shown right) by Crate and Barrel is durable enough for everyday use. [via NY Times]

Looking for bubbles that won’t break the bank? Try a lesser known or smaller Champagne house for options that are reasonably-priced yet high quality. Pol Roger Brut Reserve is a medium bodied, well balanced wine that retails for $35. Another gem, which pairs well with food, is the Gosset Grande Reserve Brut at $55. [via Food and Wine]

PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Crate and Barrel


  1. 3 January 12:57 pm

    What a helpful post, and so true, it is all about the stemware!! These flutes are stunning!

  2. 18 January 4:47 am

    I believe Mr. Devulder was right, it is important to match the right beverage to the right atmosphere.
    Nothing says classic like a glass of bubbling Champagne.

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