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September 24, 2009 | Eco-Chic Entertaining, Food + Drink

Chill Delivery | Milkmade Ice Cream

Milkmade Ice CreamForget about just milk being dropped off at your door.  The latest (and greatest) innovation in subscription food delivery comes in the form of delicious, sweet ice cream.

The brainchild of three best friends, Milkmade is a new service that drops off a pint of freshly made ice cream every month to about 50 members based in New York.  Created with organic ingredients sourced from local farmers, Milkmade features seasonal flavors inspired by available items at the morning market as well as the unique cravings of its founders.

Members can enjoy mouthwatering flavors such as Black Current with Gingersnaps and Maple Pancake which is filled with bits of organic homemade pancake.

Besides their inventive recipes, the founders are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and supporting local farms.  Ice Cream Socials are hosted at Milkmade’s headquarters in New York to educate their members on the making of their products and the fresh ingredients that go into them.  Can you think of a more delicious reason to have a party?

PHOTO CREDIT:  Courtesy of Milkmade


  1. Paula
    25 September 8:09 pm

    Where can the ice cream be purchase?

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