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June 9, 2010 | Bright Idea, DJ + Music

Bright Idea | The Block Rocker

It’s a portable party maker that lives up to its rowdy name. The Block Rocker, Ion’s compact PA, is a powerful all-in-one sound system that includes a universal dock for iPod, a microphone, an instrument outlet (for an electric guitar) and hook ups for other CD or MP3 players.  Perfect for any  outdoor gathering such as a picnic, BBQ, beach party or sporting event, The Block Rocker delivers high fidelity sound to over 150 feet through its large 2-way speaker and built-in amp.

A telescoping handle and wheels makes this system easy to transport like a suitcase.  The Block Rocker, which charges your iPod as it plays, can perform for up to 12 hours on its internal rechargeable battery.  Event planners, mobile musicians and just about anyone who entertains will love the clean, clear sound of The Block Rocker…everyone except maybe the neighbors!

The Block Rocker by Ion Products ($399.99) is available on Amazon and at other retailers.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Courtesy of Ion Products

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