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June 15, 2010 | Etsy Finds, Gifts + Registry

Etsy Finds | Karuku Paper Gift Bags

There is something so chic about using a brown paper bag for gift wrapping.  Not only is it the Lazy Hostess way to avoid the tricky and time consuming task of packing up your presents, it’s somehow effortlessly stylish.  On Etsy, we discovered a collection of Japanese design products that could transform your plain brown paper into an original piece of art.

Sold in packages of ten, these square wax paper bags can be dressed up with a variety of decorative stamps featuring lace doilies, chandeliers, birds and trees.  Sets of stamp ink, which can be used on paper, fabric, unpainted wood and terracotta, come in pretty colors like coral, cherry, clover, denim and espresso.

To create a gift bag, simply stamp your bag with the special ink and seal with either wooden clothes pins or patterned masking tape.  For a shopper, add handles in colored or metallic paper cord and fill bag with tissue.  Another clever idea would be to turn the gift bag into a make-shift vase by placing a glass inside to hold the flowers and water.

The wax paper bags ($6.50 for 10), stamps, inks and decorative tapes can be purchased from the Karuku’s Etsy shop and shipped from Japan to many countries around the world.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Courtesy of Karuku


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