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January 9, 2012 | Company News

As we head into 2012, we like to reminisce on the year that has passed and share our favorite posts in each category.  We are constantly amazed at the creativity and innovation from our fellow event planners, caterers, florists, tabletop designers, and other industry friends. From the celebrity wedding of…
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December 31, 2011 | Company News

To all of our loyal readers, industry friends, favorite vendors and fellow event planners, we wish you a very Happy New Year!  Expect some exciting new projects from Notes on a Party in 2012.  We look forward to introducing some fresh editorial ideas for the site as well as collaborating…
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Time Square
February 22, 2008 | Company News, Party Planning

From the hallowed halls of IAC to the late night set of Saturday Night Live, Founders Club has hosted their quarterly networking events in some pretty stellar locations. Wednesday night was no exception with the top entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Alley congregating in the ABC studios of Good Morning…
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Celia Chen with MC Hammer
November 7, 2007 | Company News, Tech + Gadgets

Forget Socialista and Waverly Inn…last night the hottest spot in town was Studio 8H. Never heard of it? It’s a major celebrity hang out and considered to be a New York landmark. For those in-the-know, it also happens to be the home of Saturday Night Live. Notes on a Party…
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September 4, 2007 | Company News

Summer is over and so is our hiatus! We are excited to announce that Notes on a Party will relaunch today as a new digital media property that celebrates the art of entertaining. Our expanded editorial will cover Events from the Inside Out™ (which is also our snazzy new tag…
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IAC Headquarters

Last night Notes on a Party produced its first event and it was B-I-G. Seriously, we are not just tooting our own horn here. Given the venue – the new Frank Gehry designed IAC Headquarters on the West Side Highway and the high profile guests in attendance – impressive might…
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July 30, 2007 | Company News

We know we’ve been a little quiet lately. Contrary to popular belief we are not away on assignment in Ibiza covering the party scene on the beach. Although we’d like to be! There are exciting changes happening here at Notes on a Party. Over the past few weeks, we have…
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Betty Crocker
March 14, 2007 | Company News

It’s no wonder that Martha Stewart gets hate mail. How many New Yorkers do you know that own a blow torch just for crème brûlée? Or, prefer to stay at home on a Saturday night to hand-glue Swarovski crystals to homemade Christmas ornaments? I mean….seriously? Who has the time? Don’t…
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Frankie & Natalia
March 3, 2007 | Company News

I love parties. But, not for the reasons you may think. The invitation, the venue, the music, the decor, the flowers, the food…..All of those wonderful details (that have been painstakingly orchestrated) do not make a great event – they simply set the stage. And, with every event, the stage…
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