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Everyone has their own Thanksgiving traditions but no matter how you celebrate the holiday, it is always centered around good food and drink with close family and friends.  This year we rounded up some gorgeous images of Thanksgiving feasts and dinner tables set with unique decor and florals to inspire…
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Fourth of July by Notes on a Party

Red, white and blue…the traditional colors of the Fourth of July can brighten up any holiday party.  Instead of an overload of cheap disposables filled with stars and stripes, we like to incorporate this patriotic palette into our event design with a few select items that are beautiful and functional….
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Ladurée macarons have nothing less than a global cult following among the sophisticated social set.  The Parisian bakery first opened in 1862 and developed the iconic French cookie, which is made from two macaron shells filled with ganache. Originally posted on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas, this dessert table by Azar…
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black swan

For Ovando, flowers are the medium through which delicacy meets urban contemporary. We were therefore thrilled when approached by luxury crystal brand Swarovski to recreate the theatrical aesthetic of the recent film success, Black Swan starring Oscar Award winner Natalie Portman and directed by Darren Aronofsky. The goal would be…
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dvGreen, my sustainable event design and production company, recently partnered with L’Olivier Soirees & Galas, one of NYC’s favorite floral design houses.  L’Olivier was founded by South of France native Olivier Giugni, and my focus is high-end eco style, so a Sustainable South of France wedding was right up our…
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June 10, 2010 | Inspired By, Party Planning

For this special event, my company Sofia Crokos Events collaborated with a group of my colleagues to host a cocktail party to start off the new year.  Nothing excited me more than to incorporate my favorite color into the overall event design.  I have always been drawn to the color…
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For their 150th Anniversary, Chopard retained Ron Wendt Design to create an event environment around the theme of Animal World. The black-tie event would launch the fine jeweler’s newest collection, which featured 150 one-of-a-kind designs that were inspired by fauna from around the globe such as a koala shaped diamond…
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May 11, 2010 | Inspired By, Party Planning

This wedding photo shoot was inspired by the Victorian Naturalists, a movement from the 18th century which was obsessed with observing, cataloging and categorizing nature. Juliet Totten and Sierra Yaun of Poppies & Posies developed the original concept and sent a mood board to each of the participating vendors, including…
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RatPack The Sands
April 15, 2010 | Inspired By, Party Planning

We created Silkstone, our boutique events and catering company in New York, on the belief that there are two essential ingredients to the service industry: the stone which represents the intensive labor, integrity and commitment; and, the silk that reflects the creativity, innovation and elegance in which this is presented….
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October 15, 2009 | Inspired By, Party Planning

If there was ever an occasion to tap into your dark side it’s the night of Halloween, which often feels like a macabre carnivale where the adults get to act like kids, albeit very naughty ones. Despite the annual deluge of tacky costumes and kitschy decor, we found ourselves inspired…
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